China calls on EU to acknowledge facts amid EV anti-subsidy probe-Xinhua

China calls on EU to acknowledge facts amid EV anti-subsidy probe

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-07-11 18:08:00

BEIJING, July 11 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on Thursday that facts and rules are the two major "pillars" for ongoing consultations between China and the European Union (EU) regarding the EU's anti-subsidy probe into Chinese electric vehicles (EVs).

"The facts should be objective and mutually recognized by both parties, rather than unilaterally determined," said MOC spokesperson He Yongqian.

"It is hoped that the European side will face up to the facts that China's competitive advantage in EVs does not come from subsidies, China-EU auto industry cooperation is conducive to shared development, and the EU industry opposes trade protectionist measures," the spokesperson said, urging the EU to make reasonable and objective decisions based on facts and rules.

China has already reiterated its stance on reaching a mutually acceptable solution to the trade dispute involving Chinese EVs exported to the EU.

On July 4, the European Commission introduced provisional additional tariffs of up to 37.6 percent on Chinese EV makers.

The tariffs, widely criticized as protectionist, have prompted objections from China and sparked widespread concerns over rising costs for consumers in the EU and global efforts towards green transitions.

On Wednesday, the MOC launched a trade and investment barrier investigation into the relevant practices adopted by the EU in its foreign subsidy investigations.