China-made icebreaker research vessel delivered in Guangzhou-Xinhua

China-made icebreaker research vessel delivered in Guangzhou

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-06-25 08:51:33

GUANGZHOU, June 25 (Xinhua) -- China's independently designed and built icebreaker research vessel, Jidi, was officially delivered in south China's city of Guangzhou on Monday.

The vessel was manufactured by Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited, and can navigate the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in winter for monitoring and surveying the marine environment in ice-covered areas. It is able to provide ice-zone rescue, and has the capability to conduct scientific research in polar regions during summer.

With a length of nearly 90 meters and a width of 17.8 meters, the vessel is designed to cruise at a speed of 15 knots. It can break through ice up to 1 meter thick at a speed of 2 knots.

With a total tonnage of 4,600 tonnes and a range of 14,000 nautical miles, Jidi can accommodate 60 crew members at sea for 80 days with one resupply.

The vessel is equipped with various marine surveying instruments capable of conducting comprehensive observational surveys of oceanic environments including sea ice, geophysics and atmospheric conditions.

Its delivery is expected to further enhance China's capabilities in polar scientific research.