China's position on Ukraine crisis is promoting talks for peace: FM-Xinhua

China's position on Ukraine crisis is promoting talks for peace: FM

Source: Xinhua

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2024-06-04 22:11:15

BEIJING, June 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has elaborated on China's consistent position on the Ukraine crisis, stressing that China adheres to promoting talks for peace, and although the conditions for peace talks are not yet in place, China will never stop its efforts for peace.

Wang, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks in Beijing on Tuesday when he met the press together with Türkiye's Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan.

China also encourages and supports all initiatives and efforts in the world that are conducive to easing the situation and achieving peace, Wang added.

Wang said that China attaches importance to Switzerland's work for the preparation to the Summit on Peace in Ukraine, and has put forward constructive suggestions to the Swiss side on many occasions, for which the Swiss side has always given positive comments and thanks.

"There are many summits in the world today. Whether and how to participate, China will decide independently according to its own position," Wang added.

On May 23, Wang Yi met with Celso Amorim, special advisor to the president of Brazil, in Beijing. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on pushing for the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis and calling for the deescalation of the situation, and reached six common understandings.

China believes that the world now needs to make more objective, balanced, positive and constructive voices on the Ukraine crisis, Wang noted, adding that to this end, China and Brazil recently jointly issued the "Common Understandings Between China and Brazil on Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis."

In just one week, 45 countries from five continents have responded positively to the "six common understandings" in different ways, of which 26 countries have confirmed their accession or are seriously studying the way of accession. Russia and Ukraine also affirmed most of the contents of these six common understandings, Wang added.

This once again illustrates that these six common understandings meet the common expectations of the majority of countries. China believes that the more countries that support these six common understandings, the closer the day of a truly peaceful summit will be, and the brighter the prospects for peace will become, Wang said.

When holding talks with Fidan, Wang noted that the China-Türkiye strategic cooperative relationship has maintained the momentum for rapid development and shown broad prospects.

He added that China appreciates Türkiye's understanding and support for China's legitimate position on core interests concerning China's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, and stands ready to maintain multi-level exchanges and expand cooperation areas with Türkiye.

Fidan said Türkiye adheres to the one-China principle and brooks no activities that sabotage China's sovereignty and security on Turkish territory, adding that Türkiye highly appreciates China's fair and just position on issues such as Ukraine and the Middle East. 


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