IOC to evaluate Wushu as Olympic sport after Dakar 2026-Xinhua

IOC to evaluate Wushu as Olympic sport after Dakar 2026

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-01-29 23:01:15

GANGNEUNG, South Korea, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach stated that the international recognition and participation of Wushu will play a crucial role in determining its future as an official sport in the Olympic Games.

Wushu, also known as martial arts, has been included as a medal sport in the 2026 Dakar Youth Olympic Games, which is often regarded as a key indicator for the introduction of new sports into the Olympics.

During the 2014 Youth Olympics in Nanjing, organizers held a Wushu competition as part of a cultural and educational program.

Bach mentioned that Wushu, similar to climbing and breaking, must undergo testing in a "laboratory" environment. Both climbing and breaking were added to the Olympic Games following successful trials at previous Youth Olympic Games.

"We are pleased to include Wushu in the official program of Dakar 2026," Bach stated. "It is highly valued by Senegal, the host country of the Youth Olympic Games, and there is considerable excitement surrounding it."

"The Olympic debut of Wushu is anticipated in two years," the IOC president announced.

Bach noted that the traditional Chinese sport would have a solid foundation for evaluation after its Olympic debut in Dakar.

"Following its debut, we must wait and observe the level of international recognition and participation, as well as the competition's overall performance," he said.

"After this analysis, we will be in a position to make a decision regarding Wushu's inclusion in the Olympic program in the future," Bach concluded.