China to strengthen international sci-tech cooperation: official-Xinhua

China to strengthen international sci-tech cooperation: official

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-02-24 16:37:45

BEIJING, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- China will continue to strengthen opening-up and cooperation in science and technology, while also promoting bilateral and multilateral inter-governmental sci-tech cooperation for mutual benefits, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology on Friday.

China has established sci-tech cooperation relations with more than 160 countries and regions, and signed 116 inter-governmental agreements on sci-tech cooperation, Vice Minister Zhang Guangjun told a press conference.

In 2022, China signed or renewed 25 international sci-tech cooperation documents, and carried out fruitful cooperation with many countries in multiple fields including COVID-19 control, biodiversity, climate change and clean energy, Zhang added.

Great achievements have been made in international scientific programs and projects such as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) and the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope, in which Chinese scientists participate.

China will further strengthen opening-up in science and technology and strive to create a sound environment of openness and innovation, the vice minister said.

It has set up a global scientific research fund on a pilot basis to support foreign scientists in leading and participating in national science and technology programs. It also encourages international collaboration among scientists from all over the world to collectively address global issues through research.

It has also introduced a series of more open and effective policies to make it easier for foreign talents to work and live in China, he added.

China encourages and supports Chinese research institutes, universities, enterprises, local governments and other entities, as well as researchers, to actively carry out cooperation and exchanges with other countries.

China will continue to strengthen governmental and non-governmental exchanges to expand international sci-tech cooperation, according to the vice minister.

"We will join hands with other countries to contribute more Chinese wisdom and strength to promoting the progress of humankind and building a better homeland," he said.