Xi proposes eight major initiatives on China-Arab practical cooperation-Xinhua

Xi proposes eight major initiatives on China-Arab practical cooperation

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-12-10 22:04:00

RIYADH, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday proposed eight major initiatives on China-Arab practical cooperation at the first China-Arab States Summit held here at the King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center.

The details are as follows:

First, cooperation initiative on development support.

China will discuss with the Arab side the implementation of assistance projects worth 5 billion yuan (about 719 million U.S. dollars) in development cooperation, and include 30 eligible Arab projects in the Global Development Initiative project pool.

In line with the Arab side's financing needs for projects in such areas as production capacity, infrastructure, energy and green finance, China will provide credit and credit facilities for the Arab side, and support the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in providing more high-quality, low-cost and sustainable infrastructure investment for the Arab side.

In line with the progress in the exchange of notes, China will grant zero-tariff treatment to 98 percent of the taxable products from the least-developed Arab states.

China will provide humanitarian and reconstruction assistance for countries including Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.

China aims to expand its trade with Arab states to 430 billion dollars by 2027.

Second, cooperation initiative on food security.

China is ready to help the Arab side enhance its food security and comprehensive agricultural production capacity.

China will, together with the Arab side, build five joint laboratories of modern agriculture and carry out 50 demonstration projects in agricultural technology cooperation, and send 500 experts in agricultural technology to the Arab side to help increase grain yield, improve its ability to harvest and store grain and reduce losses, and improve agricultural productivity.

China will establish a "green channel" for the Arab side's quality agri-food products to be exported to China.

Third, cooperation initiative on public health.

China is ready to work with the Arab side to build a cooperation center on public health science and technology and a cooperation alliance for vaccine innovation, research and development, carry out five cooperation projects of traditional Chinese medicine in Arab states, continue to send Chinese medical teams to Arab states to perform 2,000 free cataract surgeries, and provide telemedicine services for people in Arab states.

Fourth, cooperation initiative on green innovation.

China is ready to work with the Arab side to set up an international research center on drought, desertification and land degradation, and carry out five South-South cooperation projects in climate change.

China will use its Fengyun meteorological satellites and the World Meteorological Center in Beijing to support the Arab side in disaster prevention and mitigation.

China is ready to work with the Arab side to set up a China-Arab BeiDou Navigation Satellite System application and industrialization promotion center to provide the Arab side with quality services in such fields as transportation, precision agriculture, and search and rescue.

China will build a number of joint laboratories or research and development cooperation centers with the Arab side in such fields as life and health, artificial intelligence, green and low-carbon, information and communications and space information, and provide 300 advanced and applicable technologies for the Arab side.

Fifth, cooperation initiative on energy security.

China is willing to work with the Arab side to build a clean energy cooperation center, support Chinese energy enterprises and financial institutions to participate in renewable energy projects in Arab states with a total installed capacity of more than 5 million kilowatts.

China is ready to cooperate with the Arab side in energy science and technology research and development, strengthen energy policy coordination, and promote the building of a global energy governance system featuring justice, equity, balance and shared benefits.

Sixth, cooperation initiative on inter-civilizational dialogue.

China will invite 1,000 personages from political parties, parliaments, media and think tanks from the Arab side to China for exchanges.

China will promote cooperation among 500 Chinese and Arab cultural and tourism enterprises and train 1,000 cultural and tourism talents for Arab states.

China, together with the Arab side, will implement the mutual translation project of 100 classic books and the cooperation project of 50 audio-visual programs.

China will continue to strengthen the China-Arab Research Center on Reform and Development and enhance the dialogue of civilizations and the exchange of experience in governance between the two sides.

Seventh, cooperation initiative on youth development.

China will hold a youth development forum with Arab states and launch a "10+10" cooperation plan between Chinese and Arab universities.

China will invite 100 young scientists from the Arab side to China for scientific research exchanges, 3,000 teenagers for China-Arab cultural exchanges, and 10,000 Arab talents for professional training in poverty alleviation, health and green development.

China is ready to help set up more Luban Workshops in Arab states.

Eighth, cooperation initiative on security and stability.

China will work with the Arab side to strengthen strategic dialogues between their defense departments and military forces as well as exchanges between military units and between academies, deepen cooperation on maritime security, international peacekeeping and professional techniques, and expand joint military exercises and training as well as personnel training.

China will train 1,500 personnel in such fields as smart policing and cyber security law enforcement for the Arab side.

China will implement the China-League of Arab States Cooperation Initiative on Data Security, establish a network information exchange mechanism, and strengthen exchanges and dialogues in data governance and cyber security together with the Arab side.