Centenarian patient recovers from COVID-19 in SW China's Chongqing-Xinhua

Centenarian patient recovers from COVID-19 in SW China's Chongqing

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-12-09 20:07:00

CHONGQING, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- A 100-year-old patient has recovered from COVID-19 and has been recently discharged from hospital after 11 days of medical treatment in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.

The elderly female, surnamed Liu, is the eldest COVID-19 patient that has received treatment in hospital amid Chongqing's latest COVID-19 outbreak so far.

Liu had been bedridden for a long time and could not take care of herself due to various fundamental diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Liu was diagnosed as a severe case after being infected with the novel coronavirus spread by her daughter and nanny.

After the infection, Liu suffered from mental deterioration, inability to eat, low fever, and difficulty breathing. On Nov. 19, Liu was in critical condition when she was transferred to Chongqing Public Health Medical Center.

As a designated hospital for treating COVID-19 patients in Chongqing, the medical center mainly admits special patients of advanced age and those with underlying diseases, according to Li Peibo, head of the center's medical affairs department.

During her hospitalization, Liu suffered two sudden cardiac arrests due to chronic malignant arrhythmia and heart failure, but the hospital managed to rescue her. Liu received medical treatment at the center and was taken good care of by its staff, said Li.

It was also arranged for Liu to stay in the same inpatient ward with her daughter and nanny. The three were all released from the hospital on Dec. 1, after their two consecutive nucleic acid test results turned negative.

Currently, the centenarian is in a stable health condition, said Wang Daoxin, head of the municipality's COVID-19 medical rescue and treatment expert team.

"It is like a medical miracle to successfully rescue and cure my mother, who is a centenarian with a severe COVID-19 case. We feel so grateful to all the medical workers and our government," said Liu's daughter.