Chinese FM proposes seven steps to implement Global Development Initiative-Xinhua

Chinese FM proposes seven steps to implement Global Development Initiative

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-09-21 20:01:14

NEW YORK, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi chaired here Tuesday the Ministerial Meeting of the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative (GDI).

Wang said that as the initiator of the GDI and the largest developing country in the world, China is ready to strengthen strategic synergy with UN development agencies and work with the countries of the Group of Friends to take seven more steps to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

First, release the first list of the GDI project pool, including 50 practical cooperation projects in such areas as poverty reduction, food security and industrialization and 1,000 more capacity building projects.

All parties are welcome to put forward new project proposals in light of their own needs and continue to enrich the project pool under the initiative, Wang said.

Second, advance the Food Production Enhancement Action. The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals will sign cooperation agreements respectively with the Food and Agriculture Organization to cooperate in such areas as digital and innovative agricultural finance, animal and plant disease prevention and control, as well as sustainable soil and water management.

Third, promote the Global Clean Energy Cooperation Partnership, deepen practical cooperation with the International Renewable Energy Agency and other countries, push for the transition to renewable energy and realize a more sustainable energy security.

Fourth, advance cooperation on "Smart Customs, Smart Borders, Smart Connectivity," and work with such international organizations as the World Customs Organization and other countries around the world to build a smart customs network and boost connectivity of supply chains in the digital era.

Fifth, initiate a world alliance of digital education to strengthen international cooperation in this respect, energize the development of education through digitalization, and enhance the accessibility of education resources.

Sixth, launch the Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic Initiative jointly with the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization to effectively tackle plastic pollution and give a clean and beautiful earth to future generations.

Seventh, announce China's decision to share data obtained from the satellite SDGSAT-1 it launched in November 2021 with the rest of the world to help other countries with their research and policymaking regarding sustainable development, Wang said.