Chinese, Mongolian FMs hold talks on boosting ties-Xinhua

Chinese, Mongolian FMs hold talks on boosting ties

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2022-08-09 09:58:03

Photo taken on Sept. 16, 2019 shows the China-funded overpass in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.  (Xinhua/Asigang)

ULAN BATOR, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Mongolian Foreign Minister Batmunkh Battsetseg agreed to further enhance ties between the two countries during their talks here on Monday.

Battsetseg said that Mongolia highly appreciates China's neighborhood policy of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness, welcomes and stands ready to actively participate in the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, and speaks highly of China's contribution to maintaining international law and the international order.

China upholds the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, demonstrates its responsibility as a major country, and provides strong support to Mongolia and other developing countries in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Battsetseg noted, adding that the Mongolian side sincerely thanks China for this and will always keep it in mind.

Consolidating and developing relations with China as a friendly neighbor is a priority of the Mongolian foreign policy, Battsetseg said.

Mongolia is satisfied with the close high-level exchanges the two countries have maintained, and willing to implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, strengthen strategic communication, deepen the synergy of development strategies, expand cooperation in various fields such as economy, trade, energy, ports, agriculture, law enforcement, green development, innovation, and people-to-people exchanges and cultural engagement, and create more demonstration projects to bring more benefits to people of the two countries, she added.

For his part, Wang said that China and Mongolia are good neighbors linked by mountains and rivers, good friends with mutual trust, and good partners with mutual support.

China always regards China-Mongolia relations as one of the priorities of neighborhood cooperation, he said.

Under the strategic guidance of the leaders of the two countries, the China-Mongolia comprehensive strategic partnership has been consolidated and deepened, continuously advancing to new levels, he said.

The two sides joined hands to fight the epidemic by gifting one another with sheep and tea, writing a new chapter of friendship between the two countries, Wang said.

The Chinese side appreciates Mongolia's understanding and support of China's legitimate position, and supports Mongolia in achieving political stability and social harmony, taking a development path suited to its own national conditions, and making strides towards the vision of New Revival Policy, he said.

The two sides will continue the firm support for each other in safeguarding their respective core interests, he said.

Wang said that China is willing to strengthen the synergy of development strategies with Mongolia, especially between the Belt and Road Initiative and Mongolia's Prairie Road development strategy, the Global Development Initiative and Mongolia's New Revival Policy, and China's "two-stage" strategic plan and Mongolia's long-term development policy, noting that the two sides should work together to deepen all-round cooperation and help each other to accelerate development and revitalization.

China is ready to continue to provide support to Mongolia in fighting the pandemic until a final victory over the virus, Wang said.

The two sides agreed to strengthen exchanges between their foreign ministries, and hold diplomatic strategic consultations and policy and consular dialogues between the two sides within the year.

The two sides agreed to hold meetings of such mechanisms as the Joint Committee on Economy, Trade, Science and Technology and the Joint Committee on Mine and Connectivity Cooperation, and study and revise the medium- and long-term plans for bilateral economic and trade cooperation, formulate an outline for the development of investment cooperation, steadily promote key projects, and provide a good business environment for companies from the other side.

The two sides also expressed satisfaction with the fact that land ports have been reopened as many as possible, pledging to ensure the safe and stable operation of the ports, and improve the throughput of goods and efficiency of customs clearance.

They will strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges, so as to consolidate the public opinion and social foundation for bilateral friendship, and enhance the friendship between the people of two countries. The Chinese side will increase scholarships to Mongolian students and provide maximum convenience for those who return to China to resume in-person classes.

The two sides will actively cooperate to prevent and control desertification and tackle climate change.

China appreciates Mongolia's national campaign to plant 1 billion trees, while China will strive to plant 70 billion trees within 10 years, and the two sides should join hands in building a community of life for man and nature.

The two sides will continue to strengthen communication and coordination within the frameworks of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and others.

Wang said that China supports Mongolia in playing a greater role in international and regional affairs.

After the talks, the two sides signed documents on foreign ministries' cooperation and witnessed the signing of cooperation documents about railway ports, health quarantine and others. 


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