Iran's IRGC says fast warships equipped with stealth technology-Xinhua

Iran's IRGC says fast warships equipped with stealth technology

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-07-26 04:27:59

TEHRAN, July 25 (Xinhua) -- A top Iranian military commander said on Monday the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has equipped the hulls of its fast warships with stealth technology, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

IRGC Navy Commander Alireza Tangsiri made the remarks on the sidelines of a ceremony in the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas, adding the IRGC seeks to use domestically produced hulls in the next step.

The commander noted that using domestically-developed technologies, homegrown products, and Iranian experts is among the achievements in which the IRGC Navy takes pride.

He added the IRGC Navy is a comprehensive strategic naval force, possessing all the equipment that other armed forces have access to, from tanks to fixed-wing aircraft and drones, and its presence in the region has deterred the enemy.

He blamed the U.S. ships for not complying with the maritime and navigation rules and regulations, saying in general, their presence in the region often leads to insecurity.