Chinese ambassador to U.S. warns against using Ukraine crisis to mess up U.S.-China relations-Xinhua

Chinese ambassador to U.S. warns against using Ukraine crisis to mess up U.S.-China relations

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-04-20 01:16:00

WASHINGTON, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang has warned against using the Ukraine crisis as an excuse to mess up U.S.-China relations, saying that doing so serves no good to anyone now or in the future.

In the signed article published in The National Interest magazine on Monday, Qin said while the bilateral relationship between China and Russia has achieved great progress in the last three decades, the two countries are not allies, and their relationship doesn't target third countries.

The U.S.-Russia relations, however, "are sliding into a new Cold War," Qin said, "which is not in the interest of either China, the United States, or Russia, and is not what China wants to see."

"After all, a worse Russia-U.S. relationship does not mean a better China-U.S. relationship, and likewise, a worse China-Russia relationship does not mean a better U.S.-Russia relationship, either. More importantly, if the China-U.S. relationship is messed up, that does not augur well for Russia-U.S. relations or the world," he said.

"Disturbingly, as the crisis continues, some people are wielding the stick of sanctions against China to coerce the renunciation of its independent foreign policy of peace. Some are clamoring about a 'Beijing-Moscow Axis' in a dangerous misinterpretation of China-Russia relations, asking China to bear responsibility for the crisis. Some are linking Taiwan to Ukraine and playing up the risks of a conflict across the Taiwan Strait. Still others, for all the lessons that should be learned, are fanning up misunderstanding, confrontation and insecurity in Asia-Pacific, without a modicum of care if this region might follow in the footsteps of Europe. These words and actions are not helpful to resolving the crisis or ensuring the stability of China-U.S. relations. Dragging everyone down does no good to our future generations," the ambassador said.

"Differences in perception of the crisis do not justify groundless accusations or pressure and should not hinder our joint efforts to end the crisis," Qin said, calling on China and the United States to "take a long-term view and have pragmatic and constructive dialogue, coordination, and cooperation for what comes our way outside and after the crisis."

"In this way, we can bring about an arrangement for lasting peace and stability in Europe acceptable to all parties; properly resolve other global hotspots; prevent and address the crisis' impact on the global economy and trade, finance, energy, food, and industrial and supply chains; and minimize the losses for the economy and people's livelihood," the diplomat said.

Ending the unwanted conflict as soon as possible "is more important than everything else" now, Qin said of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, adding that "there must be not only an end to this war, but also a fundamental answer to lasting peace and stability in Europe."