U.S. "democracy summit" a show of its arrogance: African expert-Xinhua

U.S. "democracy summit" a show of its arrogance: African expert

Source: Xinhua| 2024-03-18 11:58:45|Editor:

NAIROBI, March 18 (Xinhua) -- The United States' annual "democracy summit," with the so-called aim to "promote global freedoms and shared aspirations," turned out to be a platform for showcasing Washington's arrogance and hegemonic tendencies, an African expert has said.

Yirenkyi Jesse, a Ghanaian commentator, published an op-ed in The Standard, a leading daily newspaper in Kenya, criticizing the summit for failing to rally the world toward greater freedoms and hope.

The summit, first held in 2021 and conceived by the Biden administration, has devolved into a display of American hubris and double standards, Jesse said in the article, titled "Summit for Democracy a show of U.S. arrogance."

While the summit was meant to showcase "American leadership and soft power", Jesse suggests that it masks a more insidious agenda: the United States positioning itself as the self-appointed leader of the so-called "Democratic Camp," which he believes is aimed at intimidating perceived adversaries.

The third edition of the summit is scheduled for Monday to Wednesday in Seoul under the theme "Democracy for Future Generations."

Jesse highlighted the event's low turnout and noted that U.S. President Joe Biden's related speeches have failed to resonate globally.

Since its inception, the event has been plagued by a litany of failures and criticisms, revealing the dysfunctional nature of American democracy, he said. "Even within its own borders, the Summit for Democracy has faced fierce opposition, with lawmakers, experts and media outlets alike denouncing it as little more than a hollow echo chamber of empty rhetoric."

"By weaponizing democracy as a political tool, the United States seeks to assert its hegemonic dominance, dividing the world along arbitrary lines and sowing discord in its wake," Jesse said.

He concluded that unless the United States aligns its actions with its rhetoric, its self-claimed spirit of democracy will remain elusive, obscured by American hypocrisy and hubris.