G20 on Afghanistan to avert catastrophe Draghi tells UN-Xinhua

G20 on Afghanistan to avert catastrophe Draghi tells UN

Source: ANSA| 2021-09-24 20:22:13|Editor: huaxia

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 24 - An upcoming extraordinary Group of 20 summit on Afghanistan will aim to avert a catastrophe in the Asian country after the Taliban swept back to power after a 20-year US-led mission there, Premier Mario Draghi told the United Nations General Assembly Thursday evening. Draghi said the international community must act to avert "a social and civilian catastrophe". The summit's priorities, he said via videolink, would be humanitarian aid, security and human rights. The premier reasserted the need for multilateralism in dealing with global challenges including the COVID pandemic, the climate crisis, the economic recovery and the fight against inequality and food insecurity, as well as the resolution of conflicts and the fight against terrorism. "The last few months have confronted us with problems that we cannot solve on our own," he stressed. (ANSA).