Interview: China sees rapid urbanization, integrated development in all fields -- expert -Xinhua

Interview: China sees rapid urbanization, integrated development in all fields -- expert

Source: Xinhua| 2023-08-23 10:01:15|Editor: huaxia

CAIRO, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- China is witnessing rapid urbanization and integrated development in all fields, making the country a unique development model worldwide, said Egyptian expert Abu Bakr al-Deeb in a recent interview with Xinhua.

Al-Deeb, an advisor to the Cairo-based Arab Center for Research and Studies, has recently returned from what he described as "a very fruitful visit" to China, during which he got to take a closer look at the economic and social development in the giant Asian country.

"Once I set foot in Beijing airport, the civilized and visual coordination of everything caught my attention," the Egyptian expert told Xinhua.

Al-Deeb, also an expert in international relations and political economy, noted that he visited several provinces and cities as well as some villages during his recent trip to China.

He said that the streets of Beijing were characterized by "massive urban coordination" and friendly people. "We thought in the beginning that this urban and visual coordination was limited to Beijing, the capital, but we toured many provinces and cities and found such beauty everywhere," the expert said.

The Egyptian expert also hailed the significant development of Chinese technology in all fields, including agriculture, industry, architecture, communications and energy.

"China has also achieved rapid and tremendous progress in infrastructure, high-tech manufacturing, patents and commercial applications," he emphasized.

"The good thing is that China has not achieved its rise through colonizing and plundering others, but through the efforts of its loyal citizens and via drawing a path for its rise that combines both its intellectual heritage and the lessons learned from global experiences," the expert told Xinhua.

The Egyptian expert considered the Chinese experience "a unique development model" regarding the achievements made within a short period, noting that it is worth studying and learning from.

The Chinese economy, which accounts for a large slice of global GDP growth, has demonstrated its strength over the past decades and China's commitment to opening-up has injected momentum into the global economy, the Egyptian expert said.

Concerning China's relations with developing countries, al-Deeb said it deals with Arab and African countries according to the "win-win rule," offering them investments in infrastructure without political strings attached.

He also described China's relations with Egypt as "distinguished" and free from any conflict in strategic goals.

"The Egyptian-Chinese relations have recently witnessed remarkable development in all fields and (have) proven capable of keeping pace with international and regional transformations," the Egyptian expert told Xinhua.