Foreign students volunteer to aid anti-epidemic efforts on Shanghai campuses-Xinhua

Foreign students volunteer to aid anti-epidemic efforts on Shanghai campuses

Source: Xinhua

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2022-04-25 13:02:13

A medical worker takes a swab sample from a student for nucleic acid test at a university in Qingpu District of east China's Shanghai, March 14, 2022. (Photo by Shen Yiqing/Xinhua)

SHANGHAI, April 25 (Xinhua) -- Tiring days, late nights and sweaty clothes, did not dampen the spirits of American student Lyu Jiaojie, as she carries out her responsibilities as an anti-epidemic volunteer undeterred.

A student at Fudan University in Shanghai, Lyu has gotten accustomed to the challenges and is discharging her duties with utmost dedication.

Fudan's campuses have been put under closed-loop management since March 13 due to the current wave of COVID-19 infections in the metropolis. Students have been asked to stay inside their dormitories and attend classes online to prevent virus transmission.

To help with epidemic prevention works and delivery of basic necessities, the university recruited a group of volunteers including 30 international students. They are tasked with distributing meals and daily supplies, disinfecting the stairs and corridors, and coordinating nuclear acid testing, among others.

"It is satisfying to help others and to feel needed," Lyu said. "I am familiar with all my fellow students living in the building. I have befriended many of them and we plan to go to a restaurant together after the closed-off management is lifted."

At present, there are about 300 international students living on Fudan campuses. To ensure proper care for these students, a notice was released in mid-March to recruit ad hoc building managers. In three hours, all the positions were filled.

Japanese student Koei Enomoto is one of the volunteer managers. Most residents in his building are girls, so he often helped them with the purchase and delivery of bottled water.

Recalling one instance, Enomoto said it took him seven trips up and down the stairs to deliver seven bottles of five-gallon water to his peers. "I will do anything that can help others."

Shanghai reported 2,472 confirmed locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 16,983 local asymptomatic carriers on Sunday, according to the municipal health commission.

According to rough statistics, there are some 200,000 foreigners working in Shanghai. With China ramping up the fight against COVID-19, many expats have joined forces to combat the epidemic.

Liyicatalina Wuxu, a Colombian student at Shanghai International Studies University, did not hesitate to sign up as an epidemic prevention volunteer for her dormitory building when there was a requirement. At 10 p.m. every night, she would check the number of students in the dormitory and register the antigen test results.

"Although I do the same work every day, I believe every minor effort can inject momentum into the fight against the epidemic," she said.

In the process of volunteering, she met a group of like-minded friends, giving her a strong sense of belongingness.

"As an international student, I deeply feel the determination and efforts of the Chinese government to control the epidemic. I also believe that my volunteer experience will be an unforgettable memory in my life," Wuxu added.

Mhdbasel Nashawati, a Syrian student at Shanghai University who is also volunteering, believes that defeating the virus requires everyone to do their own job well. "I believe that through concerted efforts, Shanghai can not only restore its original vitality but also become stronger." 


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