Medical racism shapes U.S. healthcare: media-Xinhua

Medical racism shapes U.S. healthcare: media

Source: Xinhua| 2022-06-30 22:43:41|Editor:

CAIRO, June 30 (Xinhua) -- The medical racism in the United States has resulted in ethnic minorities' distrust of the U.S. health system and affected the groups' overall well-being and health, Iran's Press TV reported.

"Some American doctors can tell so much just by the color of your skin. If it happens to be black, or off-white, for example, they staunchly believe you do not feel as much pain as white people do," said the report.

What is more disturbing is that if you're not white, doctors may think that you are probably lying about your condition and the extent of pain experienced. You will not receive the same treatment even with the same insurance coverage, it added.

A nationwide poll by The Undefeated and the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2020 found that seven out of 10 African Americans believed that people are treated completely unfairly on the basis of race or ethnicity when they seek medical care.

The article said the medical racism stems from the deep-rooted racial beliefs in American society that African Americans are "less than human."

As long as these belief systems exist, any action taken or regulations instituted to curb racism will only be superficial and bound to be ineffective, said the report.