Chinese donors give hope to young learners in Kenyan slum school-Xinhua

Chinese donors give hope to young learners in Kenyan slum school

Source: Xinhua| 2022-06-12 23:34:15|Editor: huaxia

NAIROBI, June 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese donors are giving hope to young learners who attend the Mcedo Beijing school located in the sprawling Mathare slum of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

Underprivileged children who have been enrolled at the school that is located on the eastern fringes of Nairobi give credit to the assistance received from Chinese donors over the years for renewing their thirst for learning and knowledge.

Naftali Kizito, a class 8 student at Mcedo Beijing school told Xinhua during a recent interview that Chinese donations have transformed the school into a modern learning facility.

"Before the donations, our classrooms were made of temporary structures. We now have buildings that make learning enjoyable," said Kizito.

The 14-year-old added that thanks to the donations from Chinese benefactors, he is now on course to achieve his dream of becoming an engineer.

"I thank the Chinese and I wish them more blessings so that they can touch the lives of more school children in Kenya," said Kizito.

In 2007, the Chinese embassy in Kenya funded the construction of modern buildings at the Mcedo Beijing school.

Later in 2012 with the initiative of the Chinese embassy in Kenya, the Kenya China Economic and Trade Association (KCETA) organized its Chinese member companies and raised financial resources to support the expansion of the school.

As a result of financial assistance from Chinese enterprises based in Kenya, the student population increased from 360 to 526 students.

Benedict Kiage, Director of Mcedo Beijing School said the learning facility has achieved remarkable outcomes due to donations from the Chinese community.

"Despite pupils coming from low-income households, we have been able to offer adequate learning due to the assistance from the Chinese community," said Kiage.

He observed that since 2007 more than 1,554 students from the Chinese-sponsored school have joined various tertiary institutions in the country.

"We thank the Chinese for playing a role in nurturing students who are now supporting their families," said Kiage.

According to Kiage, the KCETA also supported the school during the COVID-19 pandemic with personal protective equipment which reduced the school dropout rate.

Mary Mwende, a class 7 student at Mcedo Beijing school, said the Chinese donations have made breakfast and lunch possible in the school, boosting her overall performance in class.

"I am now able to concentrate in class more and my grades have improved," said Mwende.

Mwende said that life is very tough in the Mathare slums but the school offers a sanctuary where students can learn and improve their prospects.

She added that her dream after completing her studies is to become a musician.

"My message to the Chinese is that I now have the passion to pursue my dreams," added Mwende.

Michelle Achieng, a class 7 student at Mcedo Beijing school said that the Chinese donations have given hope to many students who live in the Mathare slums.

"We appreciate the great work of the Chinese to ensure that all students have a desk to enjoy learning," said Achieng.