New Zealand sees record net migration gain-Xinhua

New Zealand sees record net migration gain

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-07-10 10:00:45

WELLINGTON, July 10 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand saw a net migration gain of 155,800 to New Zealand from the rest of the world, excluding Australia, in 2023, which was a record for a calendar year and more than offset the net migration loss to Australia, the statistics department Stats NZ said on Wednesday.

In the 16 years from 2004 to 2019, net migration gains from the rest of the world averaged 46,100 a year, Stats NZ said.

Changes in migration are typically due to a combination of factors, including relative economic and labor market conditions between New Zealand and the rest of the world, and immigration policy in New Zealand and other countries, it said.

A migrant is someone changing their country of residence, irrespective of their citizenship or visa type. Migrants include both New Zealand and non-New Zealand citizens, as both affect the population living in New Zealand.

The provisional net migration gain of 82,800 in the May 2024 year was made up of a net gain of 142,900 non-New Zealand citizens and a net migration loss of 60,100 New Zealand citizens, Stats NZ said.