Climbers flock to Xinjiang's Muztagh Ata for new mountaineering season-Xinhua

Climbers flock to Xinjiang's Muztagh Ata for new mountaineering season

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-07-05 16:15:15

URUMQI, July 5 (Xinhua) -- The mountaineering season at Muztagh Ata in Xinjiang has begun, with groups of climbers gathering for training and preparing to ascend to the summit.

Located on the Pamir Plateau, Muztagh Ata stands at 7,546 meters and is considered an "entry-level" 7,000-meter snow mountain due to its relatively gentle slopes and shorter climbing period. The peak is also regarded as a haven for ski mountaineering, attracting enthusiasts from around the world, including Germany and Finland.

"One of the significant characteristics of the mountains in Xinjiang is their grandeur," said Qiu Yuan, a mountain climbing enthusiast. "The majestic and awe-inspiring atmosphere here is unmatched by many other places."

In recent years, mountaineering has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity across China, with Muztagh Ata also experiencing a surge of climbers. This year, 350 climbing permits were issued, but the number of applicants far exceeded this figure.

"It has been quite unexpected," said Li Yuan, mountaineering leader of the Xinjiang Mountaineering Association. "People are eager to step outdoors to see more landscapes. And young people might have a greater desire to challenge themselves now. Snow mountains provide an excellent outlet for them to test their limits."