Trilateral summit a new start for China-Japan-S. Korea cooperation: expert-Xinhua

Trilateral summit a new start for China-Japan-S. Korea cooperation: expert

Source: Xinhuanet

Editor: huaxia

2024-05-29 14:41:56

The ninth Trilateral Summit Meeting among China, Japan and South Korea held in Seoul symbolizes the resumption and a new start for the trilateral cooperation, a Chinese expert has said.

The trilateral summit meeting and the eighth trilateral business summit have sent positive signals to the world and manifested the will of the three countries to further collaborate, said Dong Xiangrong, senior fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, during an interview with Xinhuanet. 

The resumption of China-Japan-South Korea cooperation is of vital importance to help improve the trio’s relations, which were affected by the pandemic and geopolitical interference over the past more than four years, Dong said. 

As the three major economies in East Asia, China, Japan and South Korea have exerted a strong influence on the global economic growth and technology development. 

As a Trilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is crucial for regional and global economy, we expected to see discussions for speeding up negotiations for the Trilateral FTA, Dong said.

Noting that the three countries share many cultural similarities, Dong said it is also heartening to see the restart of culture and people-to-people exchanges among the three countries.

Dong also highlighted the three countries’ strive to institutionalize the trilateral cooperation by holding the Trilateral Summit on a regular basis.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the China-Japan-South Korea trilateral cooperation mechanism.