American racing legend Robby Gordon and son take on Taklimakan Rally-Xinhua

American racing legend Robby Gordon and son take on Taklimakan Rally

Source: Xinhua

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2024-05-27 10:25:00

URUMQI, May 27 (Xinhua) -- Legendary American driver Robby Gordon (Robert Wesley Gordon) has chosen the ongoing Taklimakan Rally in Xinjiang, China, for his son Max Gordon's pivotal career step.

Both father and son are representing the Black Bear Tires SPEED-UTV team, marking their first foray into the Taklimakan Rally and also Max's debut in an internationally recognized motorsport event by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

"I want to teach my kid through the opportunity to learn how to rally, which is very different racing than we did in America," said the 55-year-old.

Robby, born in Los Angeles, hails from a family deeply rooted in motorsports. His great-grandfather Huntley Gordon was one of the renowned racers in the United States. Robby's father, Bob Gordon, introduced him to off-road rallying at a young age, igniting his passion and unlocking his potential for racing.

Robby clearly inherited the exceptional talent of the Gordon family in this sport. Starting his career at 13, he accumulated honors in the Baja, IndyCar, CART, and NASCAR, earning a reputation as one of the world's most versatile drivers. At 36, he embarked on the Dakar Rally, becoming the first-ever American to win a stage in the car category.

Throughout Robby's illustrious career, he became known for his aggressive driving style and was even dubbed "crazy" by outsiders. Whether on the track or in the desert, his charismatic personality always delivered thrilling overtakes, amassing a legion of fans worldwide.

Like his father before him, nurturing his son for racing has become Robby's paramount mission since Max's birth.

"My father gave me the opportunity to learn this sport and took me to this level. Now, Max has the opportunity to go from here up," said Robby, "I've opened the door for Max to go, he is capable of being a better driver in the future."

Their first visit to Xinjiang has left a lasting impression on the Gordons, with its unique cultural experiences. Chinese drivers have always been enthusiastic hosts to this famous American figure. What brings Robby even greater joy is witnessing Max's tremendous potential. In the 15-kilometer qualifying race, the young man surged into the top six, even telling his father, "I could go another 30 seconds faster."

"He might be crazier than me, and what we have to teach him experience about different styles of racing," said Robby. "In IndyCar, you have to be crazy fast, in NASCAR you gotta be conservative fast, and be smart fast in off-road."

Within the rally, the father and son always accompany each other on the track. The veteran believed that this competition posed considerable challenges.

"It's very tough, and I think this desert here might even be tougher than anything I've ever seen in Dakar," Robby expressed. "For Max, finishing the rally would be a perfect performance."

While his son takes a crucial step in China, Robby is also exploring new opportunities. Instead of traditional race cars, they are driving UTVs from Robby's own brand this time.

UTV, known for their affordability and performance, have gained popularity in the U.S. and are making their mark in Chinese races. Robby saw immense potential in China's robust automotive industry and burgeoning market for motorsports.

"China is a great country with many opportunities. I hope my efforts can provide more Chinese with the chance to experience the charm of this sport," he said.