Feature: Myanmar children discover wonders of elephants on International Museum Day-Xinhua

Feature: Myanmar children discover wonders of elephants on International Museum Day

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-05-18 18:43:45

YANGON, May 18 (Xinhua) -- On International Museum Day, which falls on Saturday, children in Myanmar visited museums, including the Elephant Museum in Yangon Zoological Garden in Yangon.

Thoon Yati Htoo, 12 years old, visited the Elephant Museum on Saturday.

"This is my first time at the Elephant Museum. Here, I learned how elephants live and saw their body parts up close. I only saw elephants in pictures, but now I understand them better," she said.

She said elephants should be well-protected in places like zoos so people can see them without killing them. "My favorite animals are rabbits, but I also love elephants," she told Xinhua on Saturday after visiting the museum.

Su Yati, 13, said, "I came here because it is a school holiday. It is my first time at the Elephant Museum. I was amazed by the information about elephants, the equipment used for them, their bones and even a replica of an elephant killed by poachers on display."

"I am both afraid of and fascinated by elephants, especially their trunks. I will invite my friends to visit the museum too," Su Yati said.

Seven-year-old Thoon Wati Htet said it is her second time visiting the Elephant Museum. "I see a lot of elephants here. I love them because they are giant and have tusks."

"I also enjoy movies that feature elephants and am happy to be here. I've even fed sugarcane pieces to elephants before," she said with a smile.

Ma Ni Ni Mar, 45, accompanied her nieces, Su Yati and Thoon Wati Htet, to the Elephant Museum in the zoo. "I brought them here to help them learn about animals. This is our second visit."

"I want them to be happy and see different kinds of animals here. I enjoy seeing their happiness and knowing they can share their experiences with friends. It also helps them develop their intelligence," she said.

Wint Wah Linn, 11, visited the National Museum in Yangon on Saturday. She said, "I came here to learn more about ancient times and gain knowledge. This is my first time at the museum. I came with my father, younger brother, and sister. I want to explore more in the museum."

Myanmar's Department of Archaeology and National Museum opened museums free of charge across the Southeast Asian country on International Museum Day on Saturday.