Unilateral, protectionist actions doomed to fail: Chinese FM-Xinhua

Unilateral, protectionist actions doomed to fail: Chinese FM

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-05-15 19:44:30

BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) -- Unilateral and protectionist actions aimed at China by the United States expose the loss of confidence and composure on the part of the United States and are doomed to fail, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Wednesday.

Wang made the remarks at a joint press briefing after he and Pakistani Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar attended the fifth round of the China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Strategic Dialogue in Beijing.

Asked to comment on the recent unilateral sanctions and high tariffs imposed by the United States on China, Wang, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, noted that recently, the United States has frequently imposed unilateral sanctions on China, abused Section 301 tariffs, and obsessively suppressed China's normal economic, trade and technological activities, representing the most typical form of hegemonic bullying in the world today.

It demonstrates that certain individuals in the United States have become irrational in their attempt to maintain U.S. unipolar hegemony, Wang said.

The unscrupulous suppression of China by the United States does not prove U.S. strength, but on the contrary exposes the loss of that country's confidence and composure. Such behavior does not help address domestic problems in the United States, but only results in a greater disruption of the normal operation of the international industrial and supply chains, Wang said, adding that the U.S. move will not deter China's development and rejuvenation.

He pointed out that the World Trade Organization (WTO) has made it clear that the Section 301 tariffs imposed by the United States violate WTO rules and international law, saying it is also believed by people with basic common sense in international trade that the U.S. approach will only lead to a lose-lose situation.

As one of the WTO's founding members, the United States not only fails to set a good example, but instead leads the way in violating its rules and making one mistake after another, Wang stated.

He also said that the United States has claimed commitment to "fair competition," but the U.S. actions go against its words and cast serious doubt on its ability to gain the trust of the international community.

Wang stressed that such unilateral and protectionist actions are contrary to the trend of the times, and are bound to be crushed by the wheels of history.

"At this critical time of global economic recovery, the international community should warn the United States not to cause new troubles for the world," said Wang.