Cote d'Ivoire drafts national law on climate change-Xinhua

Cote d'Ivoire drafts national law on climate change

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-04-16 10:47:00

ABIDJAN, April 16 (Xinhua) -- Cote d'Ivoire's government is developing a law aimed at regulating all actions on climate change in the country, according to Ivorian Press Agency.

The Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition is drafting the text, "which takes into account the opinion of all stakeholders in the matter at the national level," said Yao Marcel, the director of International Cooperation and Funding Mobilization at the ministry, on Monday in Abidjan.

The draft is practically finalized and will be introduced this year for adoption by the Council of Ministers before going to the Parliament.

Once adopted, the law will set up a national inter-ministerial commission and a national climate agency, to "coordinate all climate action at the national level in order to pool efforts and make the results sustainable," according to Yao.

The adoption of regulatory and legislative texts will mark an important step in efforts to achieve national climate objectives. It also demonstrates the country's concrete commitment to a sustainable future, said the Ivorian authorities.