Donors provide 430 mln USD for health, agriculture in South Sudan-Xinhua

Donors provide 430 mln USD for health, agriculture in South Sudan

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-02-06 00:07:30

JUBA, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- The World Bank, European Union, and other donors on Monday announced 400 million U.S. dollars to fund South Sudan's health transformation project and an additional 30 million dollars for the resilient agriculture and livelihood project (RALP).

The health project aims to expand access to a basic package of health and nutrition services, improve health sector stewardship, and strengthen the health system whereas the RALP will build the capacity in good agricultural practices, investment support for improving agricultural production, food production, animal vaccination and reduction of fish and waste losses.

Ousmane Dione, country director for Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, and South Sudan at the World Bank, said the two projects are landmarks that are critical for the development of South Sudan and to the benefit of all South Sudanese people.

"When you have health and when you have food, you have a provision for a long journey and that is important for the South Sudanese people. It is coming at a time when investing in health in South Sudan is not only investing in future generations but also is investing in the productivity of South Sudan which is currently much needed," Dione told journalists in Juba, South Sudan's capital, during the signing of the memorandum of understanding for the projects.

He said agriculture productivity is important because it helps feed South Sudanese and produces excess to export which is a pride that every single nation should strive for and many countries who have been in tough situations have managed to pass the challenge.

"South Sudan will be able to go beyond that challenge to reflect that the country can be a nation, the peaceful nation, a united nation, stable nation which pave the way for future generations to be much more successful than the present generation which have taken a long way, a difficult way of fighting for their independence being today an independent country," Dione said.

Bak Barnaba Chol, South Sudan's minister for finance and planning, said health and agriculture are important for survival. As a country, they have prioritized health and agriculture to move the country forward to safeguard the people from the deteriorating conditions they continue to live in.

He pledged transparency and accountability in implementing the projects to make sure that the funds are efficiently managed and effectively allocated and approved.