Artificial intelligence need of hour to boost Pakistan's economy: experts-Xinhua

Artificial intelligence need of hour to boost Pakistan's economy: experts

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-12-31 20:03:45

by Raheela Nazir

ISLAMABAD, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- Pakistani experts and academics have said artificial intelligence (AI) is the need of the hour to give impetus to exports and the national economy.

AI is the new reality as it is going to contribute trillions of U.S. dollars to the world economy in the next couple of years, and Pakistan must benefit from it, said experts and speakers during a seminar on AI on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, Yasar Ayaz, chairman of Pakistan's National Center of Artificial Intelligence, said that AI is the main technology spearheading technological advancement for the past one and a half decades in the world.

"Many technology-based industries are focusing on AI as it is embedded in every technology solution like social media, applications, networking and banking tools," he said.

Highlighting that AI investment and development can help the country generate billions of dollars in revenue, Ayaz underlined that AI is the only technology driving economic development as the current industrial era is the era of human and robot society.

"We can get a new share from this new technology unfolding in the world. Many Pakistani foreign entrepreneurs and international companies are opening their businesses related to AI in the country," he said.

Syed Mohammad Anwar, former deputy attorney general of Pakistan, noted that AI is the technology of the real world, saying collection of information is the primary aspect of artificial intelligence.

Pakistan should embrace the revolution of artificial intelligence as an opportunity to advance its information technology exports and economy by exploring billions of dollars worth of global market, he said.

Talking about the hostile impacts of AI, Anwar said that the source of information needed to be verified while viewing AI-based content, adding that there is a need to develop a filter in mind to scrutinize every piece of information.