Spain's women's World Cup winners continue boycott of national team (updated)-Xinhua

Spain's women's World Cup winners continue boycott of national team (updated)

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-09-15 23:32:15

MADRID, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- The 23 members of Spain's triumphant Women's World Cup-winning squad have informed the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) of their continued refusal to play for the team.

The 23 World Cup champions, along with an additional 12 players who previously declined to play while Jorge Vilda was the team coach, have made this collective decision. This comes despite Vilda's recent dismissal and the subsequent appointment of his former assistant, Montse Tome.

This development also follows mere days after Luis Rubiales announced his resignation as RFEF President. His decision came in the aftermath of a controversy where he was seen kissing Spanish player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the celebrations of Spain's 1-0 World Cup final victory over England in August.

In response to that incident, the 23 World Cup victors, along with other female players, signed a communique. They asserted they would not represent Spain as long as Rubiales remained with the RFEF.

A total of 39 players signed Friday's communique that has several demands: "based on zero tolerance towards those people who, from a position within the RFEF, have had, incited, hidden or applauded attitudes that go against the dignity of women."

The players insist Rubiales' resignation and Vilda's sacking are "not enough for the players to feel in a safe place, where women are respected, there is a commitment to women's football and where we can give our maximum performance."

The 39 demand five points which are: "Restructuring of the women's football organization chart. Restructuring of the presidential cabinet and General Secretariat. Resignation of the president of the RFEF. Restructuring of the communication and marketing area," and "Restructuring of the integrity management," before they are prepared to play again.

Tome is set to announce her inaugural squad this Friday as Spain prepares to face Sweden on September 22 and Switzerland just four days later.