Cuba steps up dengue prevention, control-Xinhua

Cuba steps up dengue prevention, control

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-09-03 12:35:45

HAVANA, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- A national campaign in Cuba to step up prevention and control of dengue, a mosquito-borne disease, is underway across the country's 15 provinces and the Isle of Youth special municipality.

It comes as September is projected to be one of the rainiest months in Cuba in the context of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs through Nov. 30, Cuba's climate center said.

Cuban housewife Marlenis Yera, who lives in the Havana district of San Miguel del Padron, recovered after being hospitalized with dengue.

The 45-year-old told Xinhua that she has started to take adequate measures to protect herself from mosquito bites at home and in public areas.

"I am using natural repellents, cleaning containers where water is collected, and keeping my house clean," she said.

Elsewhere in the city, Fabian Ruiz, 32, regularly inspects stagnant water sources like air conditioners and buckets.

As a father of two, he tries to raise awareness among his children about dengue symptoms and prevention measures.

"I am doing everything at hand to keep them protected from mosquito bites at school and public sites," he said.

The Cuban provinces of Guantanamo, Pinar del Rio, Ciego de Avila, and Sancti Spiritus have recently seen an increase in dengue cases, local media reported.

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero urged people to see doctors in case dengue symptoms are observed.

"It is a battle of all (citizens)," he said, noting the importance of eliminating breeding places for mosquitoes.

Cuban Health Minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda said that dengue is a global threat that negatively affects all age groups.

"In Cuba, we are not unrelated to this reality since this virus is present in our country. Each year, a huge number of cases are reported, hence the importance of adopting preventive measures," he said on the social media X, formerly known as Twitter.

Cuban scientists are continuing to develop a dengue vaccine candidate that could be ready by the end of the year, according to Cuba's biopharmaceutical authorities.