Feature: Chinese scholarship empowers Ethiopian students dream-Xinhua

Feature: Chinese scholarship empowers Ethiopian students dream

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-08-27 22:16:00

ADDIS ABABA, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- Sileshi Kebede, who was awarded the Chinese government scholarship for the 2023-2024 school year, believes he is one step closer to his dream of contributing to his country's socioeconomic development.

After a farewell party organized by the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia for Ethiopian students receiving Chinese government scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year on Thursday, Kebede and fellow other 25 students are now embarking on a new study journey in China.

Kebede emphasized that after going to China, he will spare no effort to further his studies, while at the same time experience the development and changes of China and the process of Chinese modernization.

"The Chinese government gives us these scholarships for Ethiopian students every year. This is the outcome of the strong relations between China and Ethiopia," said Kebede, who is going to embark on his doctoral studies in science.

"This scholarship (opportunity) is also one of the fruits of the nice friendship," he added.

In recent years, many Ethiopian students are interested in learning Chinese and applying for a Chinese scholarship, which plays a great role in bolstering their Chinese language proficiency and serving as connecting bridges between peoples of the two countries.

One of these Ethiopians is Lemlem Kassa, who is a beneficiary of a Chinese government scholarship and successfully graduated with a Phd in software engineering last year.

Kassa, noting the quality of education in China with due emphasis given to research and experiment, underscored the crucial need for Ethiopian students to apply what they have learned in China towards the betterment of their country.

"Apart from the education opportunity, this is a golden opportunity for students to serve as connecting bridges between the two friendly countries," she said.

Idossa Terfassa, Scholarships and Internationalization Head at the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, addressing the farewell event, spoke highly of Chinese scholarships contribution towards human capacity development in Ethiopia.

Noting that Ethiopians account for the largest Chinese scholarship recipients, Terfassa called on Ethiopian students to learn from China's socioeconomic development and apply it in the Ethiopian context.

"In parallel to working hard and achieving your academic goals, I have full confidence that you will play the lion's share in strengthening the bilateral relations of the two great nations," Terfassa told the Chinese scholarship winners.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan, on his part, expressed his hope that Ethiopian students in China could adapt to the living environment in China as soon as possible, study hard, make friends, have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of China, and become the successors of China-Ethiopia friendship.

"China and Ethiopia have developed a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership and education cooperation is one of the most important cooperation fields, playing an important role in our bilateral cooperation," Zhao said.