China-Africa trade expo rare opportunity to showcase, promote African products: Madagascan officials-Xinhua

China-Africa trade expo rare opportunity to showcase, promote African products: Madagascan officials

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-08-09 21:13:00

ANTANANARIVO, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- The third edition of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo has been a quality platform and a rare opportunity to showcase and promote products from Madagascar and other African countries, and contribute to shared prosperity, Madagascan officials have said.

"The fair was attended by businessmen and exhibitors from Madagascar, who had the opportunity to showcase our country's flagship products," said Emi-Haulain Kola, director general of development partnership and the diaspora at the Madagascan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Antananarivo, the national capital.

"The event provided them with a high-quality commercial platform, a rare opportunity to showcase our flagship products," he told at a media salon Tuesday organized by the Chinese Embassy in Madagascar.

Madagascar was one of the guest countries of honor at the expo. On a 300-square-meter stand, seven companies from Madagascar showcased products ranging from vanilla, cloves, and rum to chocolate, cocoa and essential oils.

"This is an economic event of international importance that has enabled political decision-makers, businessmen and participants from different backgrounds to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Sino-African cooperation in a number of areas," Kola said, noting that the fair brought together nearly 9,000 professional buyers and 100,000 visitors.

Domohina Rakotovao, head of support for economic operators at the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Consumer Affairs, said the expo was an opportunity to "further promote businessmen and products from Madagascar."

"This opportunity will increasingly encourage exporters, both those who took part this time and those who aspire to take part in future events, to make continuous efforts in terms of production, quality and marketing," she said.

Rakotovao also pointed out that the Chinese market is gradually opening up to products of Madagascar such as essential oils and cocoa, expressing the hope that more Madagascan products would be showcased at the next edition of the expo.

She said that her ministry would like to see "more exchanges of know-how and support in terms of equipment, infrastructure and progressive access to technology" between Madagascar and China.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, China and Madagascar signed a protocol on the inspection and quarantine of sheep meat of Madagascar intended for export to China.

Describing the protocol as a "significant milestone" for mutually beneficial collaboration, Fanja Raharinomena, secretary general of the Madagascan Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, said it "marks a crucial step in opening up new trade opportunities for Madagascar and strengthens our position on the international market."

"Our cooperation in the agriculture and livestock sector paves the way for shared prosperity. This achievement demonstrates the potential of our national livestock and inspires us to implement policies and strategies aimed at rapidly increasing our production capacity, while preserving national consumption and needs," she added.

"We are convinced that these joint efforts will continue to bear fruit and further strengthen our partnership for the well-being of our peoples and the prosperity of our nations," Rakotovao said.