China, U.S. should bring bilateral relations gradually to track of stable growth: FM-Xinhua

China, U.S. should bring bilateral relations gradually to track of stable growth: FM

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-06-17 00:22:46

BEIJING, June 16 (Xinhua) -- The United States needs to work with China to bring bilateral relations gradually to the track of stable growth, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Friday.

Wang made the remarks at a regular press conference in response to a briefing by U.S. officials on the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's upcoming travel to China.

China has reiterated on multiple occasions that China-U.S. relations should not be a zero-sum game where one side outcompetes or thrives at the expense of the other. The two sides should form a correct perception of each other's domestic and foreign policies and strategic intentions, respect each other, coexist in peace, pursue win-win cooperation, and explore the right way to get along with each other. This not only serves the interests of the two peoples, but also meets the common aspiration of the international community, Wang said.

"The United States views China as its 'primary rival' and 'the most consequential geopolitical challenge.' This is a major strategic misjudgement," said Wang, adding that there is competition between the two countries in areas such as economy and trade, but there should be no vicious zero-sum competition, still less should there be practices to contain or suppress one another in the name of competition and deprive China of its legitimate right to development.

"This is not 'responsible competition,' but irresponsible bullying. It will only push the two countries towards confrontation and create a divided world," he said.

Wang stressed that the United States needs to give up the illusion of dealing with China "from a position of strength." The two countries must develop relations on the basis of mutual respect and equality, respect their difference in history, culture, social system and development path and accommodate each other's core interests and major concerns, said the spokesperson.

Noting that the United States keeps emphasizing the need for dialogue and communication, building guardrails, and putting a floor under China-U.S. relations, the spokesperson said that China's door to dialogue and communication is open, and the communication between the two countries has never stopped. "The communication between the two countries needs to serve an actual purpose and help provide solutions. What is unacceptable is to ask for communication and meanwhile damage the other side's interests. One can't say one thing and do another."

"China again urges the United States to deliver on President Biden's positive statements, stop interfering in China's internal affairs and damaging China's interests, stop containing and suppressing China, and work with China to remove obstacles, create conditions and bring China-U.S. relations gradually to the track of stable growth," Wang said.

When asked about China's expectation for Blinken's visit, the spokesperson said that during the visit, the two sides will exchange views on bilateral relations and important international and regional issues of mutual interest, and China will make clear its position on bilateral relations as well as its concerns and resolutely safeguard its interests, he said.