Israel sets up 1st satellite observatory for quantum communication-Xinhua

Israel sets up 1st satellite observatory for quantum communication

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-01-25 00:37:00

JERUSALEM, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- Israel's first ground station for monitoring satellites was inaugurated at Tel Aviv University (TAU), the Israel Space Agency (ISA) said on Tuesday.

Through the new station, TAU space scientists plan to create optical and quantum communications with satellites in space, the ISA said in a statement.

The station will be used by worldwide governmental and commercial entities for checking the status of their satellites in orbit, it added.

It includes a satellite observatory dome with a diameter of 4.25 meters, a tracking system, a primary high-speed camera and secondary cameras, laser equipment, single-photon detectors, and a tracking robot that enables the simultaneous carrying of two telescopes.

In order to achieve quantum communication with space, it is necessary to first achieve optical tracking of a satellite in orbit, establish optical communication with a satellite, and create quantum communication with drones and another ground station.

Quantum communication uses quantum entangled photons to transmit a key that enables information to be completely encrypted.

Any attempt to copy the information will destroy the original signal and reveal the hacking attempt to both communicating parties, the ISA explained.