GLOBALink | American expat falls in love with China's historic city-Xinhua

GLOBALink | American expat falls in love with China's historic city

Source: Xinhua

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2022-09-21 16:33:03

LUOYANG, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Holy Semenko from the United States came to China seven years ago. He met his wife in Luoyang City and settled down here. During the years, he has witnessed the rapid development of the historic city and has fallen in love with its vitality.

"My name is Holy. I came to China from the U.S. seven years ago. I have been to many Chinese cities, but my favorite city is Luoyang. My wife is from Luoyang and we live here. Luoyang is a city that combines classical and modern architecture, with a long history and great culture. Ancient and modern reflections, poetry, and faraway places. Not only I think so, more and more foreigners live and work in Luoyang. I like to ride my electric bike through the city and experience the different culture. The old streets, stores and alleys of the old city are very interesting. It's the best city to experience the ancient traditions of China. Luoyang has a good climate, friendly and warm people, and it is a comfortable place to live. Going to the morning market to buy food is really cheap. I always ask for a discount in Luoyang. Over the years, I have integrated into the local life and I would like to call myself a 'local person.' I've been trying to learn Chinese, and it's been a very interesting experience. Some names of Chinese dishes confuse but food in this city is very delicious, like, for example, there is a dish called 'Wife in a wife cake.' My son is in kindergarten and I like to take him outside on weekends. Huge amount of wonderful parks, playgrounds, museums and places to visit all over Luoyang city. The infrastructure is very well-developed. In the past seven years, I've got my family here. Luoyang has given me a lot and I am glad and thankful for all these years. I have witnessed the rapid development of Luoyang with the elevated bridges and the opening of subway lines, making the city more convenient for transportation, which makes me proud of Luoyang. Before coming, I felt that it should be a more traditional city with lots of stereotypes, but I came here to find that China has a unique cultural heritage and treats its guests like its own family. At the same time, there is a youthful and vibrant side to this city that reflects the past and the present. I have met many young people here who share my passion for music. They are warm, friendly, and have unique preferences about music. And this city, too, gives young people unlimited possibilities to persist in their love and dreams."

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