Cross-Strait calligraphy exhibition opens in Taiwan-Xinhua

Cross-Strait calligraphy exhibition opens in Taiwan

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-09-04 21:31:15

TAIPEI, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- A cross-Strait calligraphy exhibition, displaying several copies of ancient stone rubbings and award-winning calligraphic works from both sides of the Strait, opened in Taiwan's Nantou County on Saturday.

Artworks of famous calligraphers as well as amateur artists from both sides of the Strait are on display at the exhibition. They are based on the famous inscriptions engraved on steles from the Xi'an Beilin Museum, a themed museum focusing on displays of ancient stone steles.

At the opening ceremony, two calligraphy enthusiasts in Taiwan were awarded for their outstanding works. Shin Cheng-yu, a first-prize winner from the city of Taichung, said calligraphy enables people to communicate with each other, even though they are far apart.

"Just as I feel I'm communicating with ancient calligraphers when I copy their works from books, I also feel I'm connected with people from the other side of the Strait when I see their works," said Shin.

The exhibits also include 10 copies of the original stone inscription rubbings from the Xi'an Beilin Museum.

The exhibition, which ran from June 18 and July 3 in Taipei, will continue in Nantou until Oct. 30.