Feature: Iraqi vintage radio repairer keen to keep good old memories-Xinhua

Feature: Iraqi vintage radio repairer keen to keep good old memories

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-08-12 02:12:45

BAGHDAD, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Fuad Hashim, a vintage radio repairer, is fully aware that his profession is dying out with modern technology, but the 65-year-old said he wouldn't quit his job because he truly loves it.

Hashim does his work in the old alley in Souq al-Mdallal, or al-Mdallal market, in downtown Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

Walking around in his shop among dozens of vintage radios ranging from the 1920s to 1960s feels like witnessing the history of radios. The collections are of different makes and brands such as Siera, Philips, Zenith, Philco and others.

"I have been in this profession for 30 years. At first, it was a hobby, then it became a profession," Hashim told Xinhua.

"I realized that the whole world has changed, but I love this profession and find pleasure and comfort when I repair vintage radios," he said, repairing a 1958 Philips tube radio.

In general, the prices of vintage radio sets range between 300 U.S. dollars and 1,500 dollars, depending on their condition, features and designs, and some could gain in value over time.

The customers of Hashim's shop are mostly lovers of vintage radios, such as artists and intellectuals, as well as collectors of antiques.

"I think these vintage radio sets, for many people, are the sound of nostalgia because radios in the past used to gather the whole family members at home," Hashim noted.

Anas Dara, a resident in Salahudin Province north of Baghdad, told Xinhua that he is lucky to find someone like Hashim who can repair his family's vintage radio set as spare parts for this device are not easily available.

Dara said his father and grandfather really cherish the old radio because they used to listen to news, songs and programs with the piece.

"When I brought it back home, my family members were dying to play it ... We are all so proud of it as a family heirloom," Dara said.