Namibia launches digital campaign to promote tourism-Xinhua

Namibia launches digital campaign to promote tourism

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-08-11 00:41:00

WINDHOEK, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- Namibia on Wednesday launched a tourism digital marketing campaign to rebuild consumer confidence and drive travel recovery post-COVID.

The global tourism space is a fiercely competitive market, as most destinations have experienced the impact of COVID-19 and are now seeking their share of the same global travel market, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta said at the launch event in Windhoek, the capital.

"The tourism industry desires to be at the very edge of innovation leadership in digital travel technology, as the industry rethinks and reimagines travel and destination marketing in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution," he said.

Shifeta said the application of technology is opening up a direct artery between markets, trade partners, and influencers in the consumer circles and the media, changing the way that tourists interact with destinations and with each other.

"Namibia as a tourism destination is competing with the rest of the world; online presence is regarded as tourism infrastructure," Shifeta said, adding that just as websites are essential, social media presence is a must and for Namibia to be properly represented online, the industry should be empowered and encouraged to engage more online to create a powerful tourism profile of the country.

"Most notably, these include its cost-effectiveness and attraction to all groupings and demographics - niche and mass markets, business and leisure travel, men and women of all age groups," he said. "Without a doubt, going forward you want to lead from the front in applying adaptable technology to market our destination and create a better experience for our visitors."

According to Shifeta, restoring air connectivity remains a key priority for Namibia's tourism recovery agenda as connectivity is critical for the success of inbound tourism.

As part of the digital campaign, the ministry has produced a video that culminates with beautiful footage of the country, which will be uploaded on the Namibia Tourism Board website.

"Namibia Tourism Board is positioning a clear and concise message to the new conscientious traveler, one that appeals to both self-growth, as well as the impact on the world around us to re-connect and rediscover responsibly, whilst giving you the space to grow," Shifeta concluded.