China Focus: Stranded tourists join anti-epidemic fight in Sanya-Xinhua

China Focus: Stranded tourists join anti-epidemic fight in Sanya

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-08-10 16:24:18

SANYA, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- Donning a hazmat suit, Lai Yuming began his volunteer work to help with the nucleic acid testing at a hotel in Sanya, a coastal resort city in south China's Hainan Province.

Lai, a physician at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University in central China's Hunan Province, came to Sanya for a trip with his colleagues.

But their travel plan was disrupted by the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, and they were stranded with more than 3,000 other tourists at the airport as their return flights were canceled.

Local authorities later made arrangements for their temporary stay in 11 hotels.

But, instead of staying at the hotel and waiting, Lai and his colleagues decided to volunteer to aid the local anti-epidemic fight.

"The local government and hotel staff have done a lot for us, and we hope to do as much as possible to help Sanya," Lai said.

Lai's colleague, Liu Meifang, also joined the volunteer work. "We're grateful for the arrangement made by the Sanya government," Liu said.

Between Aug. 1 and 9, over 2,400 COVID-19 infections were reported in Hainan, of which about 1,900 cases were detected in Sanya.

More than 8,500 people from 18 provincial regions across China have been drafted in to help Hainan in fighting the latest COVID-19 resurgence. Liu said that even if she had not been on vacation in Sanya, she would have still come to the city to actively support Hainan's anti-epidemic work during this critical time.

When cluster infections began to emerge, about 80,000 tourists were stranded in Sanya, a key tourist destination in Hainan, and many of them have voluntarily thrown themselves into the local anti-epidemic efforts.

In a warehouse in Sanya's Tianya District, Chen Yi, from east China's Zhejiang Province, is busy moving medical supplies with other volunteers.

Chen, who runs a trade company in Wenzhou City, fell in love with Sanya after visiting the city for the first time in 2008. Sanya has hence become his ideal vacation destination and he visits the city multiple times every year.

"I love Sanya so much that I want to do a small part to help the city recover soon," Chen said.

Thanks to the concerted efforts and swift response measures, the first batch of 125 stranded tourists embarked on their journey home Tuesday afternoon, and arrangements will soon be made for the remaining tourists.

"This is my first visit to Sanya. It's a really beautiful city, but I didn't have enough time to enjoy the trip. I will definitely come again in the future," Lai said.