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Sports Beats of 24 Solar Terms: Summer Solstice

Source: Xinhua

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2022-06-21 09:58:16

The 24 solar terms, consisting of 12 major solar terms and 12 minor solar terms, were created thousands of years ago by the ancient Chinese to guide agricultural production.

Today, the culture behind the terms provides useful guidance to people's lives as each term features special food, cultural ceremonies and healthy living tips.

Summer Solstice, the 10th solar term, falls on June 21 this year. At this time, day length in the northern hemisphere is the longest in a year.

As the temperature starts to rise, fruits are in their prime time and ready to be harvested. During this time,  people celebrate the arrival of hot summer with outdoor activities and exercises.

Feel the vitality and passion of outdoor exercising together with Xinhua images!



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