Xinhua Commentary: China is a consistent stabilizing force in a changing world-Xinhua

Xinhua Commentary: China is a consistent stabilizing force in a changing world

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-03-29 15:10:15

BEIJING, March 29 (Xinhua) -- In Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent talks with foreign leaders, he emphasized the need to shoulder shared responsibility to bring more stability and certainty to a turbulent and fluid world. China stands ready to work with all parties to uphold true multilateralism, and safeguard international equity and justice.

Xi's words have demonstrated China's role as a major country in promoting the building of a community with a shared future for humankind in a world now that is facing the combined challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and Ukraine crisis, making international trends full of uncertainty and the international situation more complicated and turbulent.

At such a critical moment, China has taken up its due responsibilities as a major country should. With courage and perseverance, China stands firmly on the right side of history, advocating and practicing multilateralism and safeguarding international peace and prosperity.

Since China has adopted the dynamic zero-COVID measures, gradually increased vaccine coverage and consistently pushed drug research and development, China's numbers of death and hospitalization are far below the global average. China has provided more than 2.1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine to more than 120 countries and international organizations, making it the country that provides the largest number of vaccines to the world.

China's success in COVID-19 control has made it possible for its factories to consistently churn out products needed by many other countries, ensuring the stability of international supply chains and industrial chains.

After the Ukrainian crisis broke out, China has on many occasions and through many channels called for dialogue and negotiation between the immediate parties, cease of hostilities as soon as possible, and prevention of a humanitarian crisis.

As part of a solution proposed by it, China called for the rejection of the Cold War mentality, refraining from bloc confrontation, and building a balanced, effective and sustainable regional security architecture to realize long-term peace in Europe.

China has put forward a six-point initiative on alleviating the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. It has provided 5 million yuan (about 79,000 U.S. dollars) worth of humanitarian aid supplies to Ukraine and decided to provide 10 million yuan of more such aid.

While China pursues mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, a major Western power has refused to abandon outdated Cold War mentality and sought absolute security for itself at the costs of others, leading to disputes, tensions and wars in many parts of the world.

Over the years, while this Western power exports war, destruction and hatred in the name of democracy and human rights, China has brought investments, jobs and key infrastructure to many countries.

China has continued to advance high-quality Belt and Road cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win results with the Belt and Road family of 180 members. China has put forward the Global Development Initiative and constantly gathered international consensus to promote global sustainable development.

Facts have adequately shown that in a turbulent and changing world, China has always been a force that brings stability and positive energy. No matter how the international situation changes, China remains committed to fulfilling its responsibilities and working together with all progressive forces in the world for further development and the future.