Beijing 2022 organized excellently: Azerbaijani deputy prime minister-Xinhua

Beijing 2022 organized excellently: Azerbaijani deputy prime minister

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-02-02 15:27:00

BAKU, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- Azerbaijani deputy prime minister Ali Ahmadov hailed the excellent organization of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games in a recent text interview with Xinhua.

Ahmadov, who is among the official dignitaries from a number of countries to attend the opening ceremony, said although the Games are being held in difficult conditions amid the global pandemic, they are excellently organized both in sports and social terms, as well as in terms of sanitary measures.

"Over the course of the past decade and a half, China is hosting its second Olympics - the 29th Summer Olympics in 2008 and the Winter Olympics in 2022 - which, in my opinion, characterizes the country as a great sporting nation, at the same time, highlighting its growing international role," he said.

"China boasts wonderful experience in hosting global events, as evidenced by the Summer Olympic Games of 2008. So I believe that these Olympic Winter Games would mark an important chapter in the history of the Olympic movement, symbolizing new sports achievements and records," he said.

The Azerbaijani deputy PM revealed his major expectations from Beijing 2022, expressing a firm belief that they would contribute greatly to the strengthening of peace and understanding among nations across the world.

Highlighting Azerbaijani-Sino relations, Ahmadov said the two countries enjoy close friendly ties.

"Our relations are characterized by a comprehensive political dialogue, mutually fruitful economic cooperation, active involvement in the implementation of the global Belt & Road project," he said.

Ahmadov described the intensive political dialogue between the ruling New Azerbaijan Party and the Communist Party of China as a key component of the Azerbaijani-Chinese friendship.

"I am convinced that the strong partnership bonds between the two ruling parties accumulate a vast potential for mutually beneficial cooperation between Azerbaijan and China," he said, adding that the effective use of which can bring considerable benefits to the two states and nations.

The Azerbaijani deputy PM also praised China's achievements and its leading global role in the interview.

"Undoubtedly, China is experiencing the best times of its history. Economic prosperity and speedy technological development have made the country a global leader. It is not only the second economy in the world but also a leader in many areas of modern technological progress," he said.

"It is with great confidence that I say that China has been an excellent example of social, political and economic transformation in the world in recent decades. The transformation of China is a global project that has affected the lives of the whole world. In other words, the modern global transformation cannot be imagined without the profound changes that are taking place in China," said the deputy PM.

Ahmadov also spoke highly of Chinese President Xi Jinping's ideas and initiatives regarding the restructuring of international relations, the implementation of global economic and transport projects.

"President Xi Jinping's idea of creating a community of a common future for mankind, provides, first of all, the creation of a community of a harmonious society on the planet," said Ahmadov, stressing that this concept clearly puts China's vision for the transformation of the world.