Interview: Beijing Winter Olympics to be "safe and successful," says Hellenic Olympic Committee chief-Xinhua

Interview: Beijing Winter Olympics to be "safe and successful," says Hellenic Olympic Committee chief

Source: Xinhua

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2022-01-19 10:24:16

ATHENS, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- China will undoubtedly host safe and successful Olympic Games, Hellenic Olympic Committee President and International Olympic Committee member Spyros Capralos told Xinhua in a recent interview.

"Personally, I'm very impressed by the determination, motivation shown by every Chinese citizen to achieve the most successful Olympic Games," he said. "We look forward to experiencing great Winter Olympic Games thanks to the amazing energy and the willpower of the Chinese people."

Talking about China's preparations for the upcoming Winter Olympics that will take place on Feb. 4-20 in Beijing, followed by the Paralympic Winter Games, Capralos expressed his confidence in all the measures China has taken to ensure the success of the first Winter Olympics to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"China is doing a tremendous job preparing for the Games by trying to prevent all sorts of problematic situations that may arise from the spread of the virus," he said.

The athletes and their entourage travelling to Beijing will be asked to follow guidelines, which everyone should abide by because it is a common priority to see athletes competing and experiencing the excitement of the Olympic Games, Capralos explained.

Despite the pandemic and other challenges, Capralos said he believes that Beijing, the first city ever to host both Summer and Winter Olympics, will leave a significant legacy to the Olympic Movement and the world.

"By hosting the Winter Olympic Games China is demonstrating its commitment to Olympic ideals. They show that the power of sport can bring us closer together by focusing on our shared values," Capralos said.

The official motto of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games "Together for a Shared Future" is very closely aligned with the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together," he noted.

"The Olympic Games will once again teach us the important values of Olympism, such as solidarity, fair play, respect and friendship. And these values take on even more importance in these difficult circumstances we are all facing," Capralos said.

"Together for a Shared Future, best wishes to China, best wishes to Beijing!" Capralos said.


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