GLOBALink | Latin American countries step up measures to fight Omicron variant-Xinhua

GLOBALink | Latin American countries step up measures to fight Omicron variant

Source: Xinhua

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2022-01-08 15:46:47

As the new year comes, Latin American countries witness an increased number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 and upgrade their prevention measures.

Over the past week, Mexico's confirmed COVID-19 cases pass four million, with an apparent increase in its tourism destinations on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Argentina's Ministry of Health registered on Wednesday a record number of nearly 100,000 cases per day of COVID-19 infections.

Peru also raised its pandemic alert to a high level in various cities and tightened some restrictions due to the third wave of infections caused by the spread of the Omicron variant.

The Brazilian city Sao Paulo cancelled on Thursday its annual street carnival for the second year in a row.

Meanwhile, Chile will be the first country in the region to begin offering a fourth shot of the coronavirus vaccine next week.

Due to the rise in infections in recent days, countries such as Mexico, Chile and Peru have increased the number of COVID-19 testing.

In late December of 2021, the Pan American Health Organization warned that while the variant Omicron is less aggressive than its predecessors, an escalated circulation in several countries in the region coupled with more personal contact due to the festive and holiday season may lead to an upsurge in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the coming weeks.


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