Commentary: China-Africa anti-epidemic efforts pave way for better world-Xinhua

Commentary: China-Africa anti-epidemic efforts pave way for better world

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2020-06-16 19:46:22

by Xinhua writer Xu Ke

BEIJING, June 16 (Xinhua) -- Against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus still raging in many parts of the world, China and Africa will hold an extraordinary summit on Wednesday on enhancing anti-COVID-19 solidarity and further promoting ties.

It is the latest episode of the two sides' painstaking yet effective efforts in containing the epidemic, and a reflection of their traditional friendship, mutual political trust and a brotherly bond that has stood the test of time, providing important inspiration for the global fight against the virus.

At the height of China's battle with COVID-19, African countries extended precious support to China, with over 50 African leaders expressing solidarity and support in phone calls with Chinese leaders or public statements.

In return, when the virus was ravaging Africa, China was doing its utmost to provide its African brothers with various forms of support and assistance. From offering urgently needed supplies and sending medical teams, to holding virtual exchanges with medical experts and conducting training sessions for health personnel in Africa, China's endeavors helped the continent effectively and properly respond to the pandemic.

China's cooperative mindset and aforementioned approach were highly appreciated by African countries. African Union (AU) Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat expressed thanks for China's emergency assistance and described the two sides as "friends and, more importantly, comrades-in-arms."

Gao Fei, a professor at China Foreign Affairs University, said China always reciprocates acts of friendship and kindness from others, and when its friends and brothers are in distress, it never sits by and does nothing.

A case in point is China's assistance to Africa during the Ebola epidemic. As some countries evacuated their personnel from the affected areas, China rushed to Africa's aid despite risks of infection, sending in medical teams and fighting alongside the African people until victory was declared.

The joint campaigns between China and Africa on public health security issues also marked a vivid illustration of the concept of a community with a shared future for humanity that demonstrates China's sense of global responsibility.

Ruan Zongze, executive vice president at the China Institute of International Studies, said both China and Africa believe no country can beat off the deadly disease alone in this highly connected world. "We need to help those in need to overcome their difficulties and speed up efforts to build a global community of health for all," he said.

China-Africa anti-pandemic cooperation is a reflection of China's firm stance on promoting international cooperation against the global crisis. China delivered batches of medical supplies and sent medical experts to African countries, and Chinese medical teams in Africa have been actively helping local people guard against COVID-19.

China held nearly 400 training programs for tens of thousands of African medical workers, and has also been taking care of Africans in China, treating them like its family members. Among more than 3,000 African students in Wuhan and in Hubei Province, only one person got infected and was soon cured, while others have all been safe and sound.

An old Chinese saying goes that when brothers are of the same mind, they have the power to cut through metal. China and Africa, as good brothers sharing weal and woe together, have fought shoulder to shoulder on many international fronts and made their friendship a model for international relations and South-South cooperation.

From supporting each other's fight for national independence and liberation to seeking common development hand in hand, China and Africa have garnered fruitful results in enhancing their national economies, improving people's livelihood and boosting the voice of developing countries in the global arena.

It is believed that the upcoming extraordinary summit will provide China and Africa a new chance to enhance mutual trust and solidarity, advance multilateral cooperation, mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and achieve better development for all. Enditem