Interview: UN official praises China's contribution to global fight against pandemic, poverty eradication-Xinhua

Interview: UN official praises China's contribution to global fight against pandemic, poverty eradication

Source: Xinhua

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2020-05-23 18:12:00

by Xinhua writer Wang Jiangang

UNITED NATIONS, May 22 (Xinhua) -- China has done "tremendous" work in the global fight against the pandemic, and made a "significant contribution to global poverty eradication," a senior United Nations (UN) official told Xinhua in an interview on Friday.

"Despite its own challenging situation, China has also provided support to over 150 countries and multilateral organizations through making available financial resources and dispatching technical expertise, as well as providing personal protective equipment, medical equipment and procurement and logistics assistance," said Jorge Chediek, the UN secretary general's envoy on South-South Cooperation.

Chediek, who is also director of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), also highly commended China's concrete measures pledged at the World Health Assembly to boost the global fight against COVID-19, such as providing international aid.

"This is a demonstration of strong solidarity with the international community and true global leadership," said Chediek.

Speaking of China's success in eradicating poverty, the UNOSSC director said China has demonstrated to the world that the first goal of "No Poverty" among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is attainable.

China, as a country with 1.4 billion people, "has made impressive achievements in the fight against poverty," and has provided the world, especially the Global South, with an example of how economic and social policies have managed to lift millions of people out of poverty, said Chediek.

"The targeted poverty reduction policy implemented by the Chinese government and focused support to areas of extreme poverty have proved to be effective in eliminating poverty, which also reflects the commitment and indicator of 'leaving no one behind,' as UN calls for, in its achievement of SDGs," he said.

The UNOSSC director said his office has been working with China to support the eradication of poverty through effective and concrete South-South cooperation initiatives.

Among them, the South-South Cooperation Facility for Poverty Eradication is a prominent example. The facility is supported by the Chinese government and aims to provide an enabling environment for China and other countries from the Global South to share their solutions, publicize their demands, and connect to foster South-South cooperation and Triangular cooperation opportunities on poverty eradication, he said.

Commenting on the Government Work Report delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, the national legislature, in Beijing on Friday morning, Chediek said that in recent years, China, as one of global emerging economies, has played an increasingly important role in both promoting global governance, and helping set up new multilateral institutions such as the New Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Noting that South-South cooperation has evolved "considerably" along with the establishment of the BRI, Chediek said the initiative also provides strategic opportunities and resources for the achievement of the SDGs, and contributes to involving participants at both national and sub-national levels.

Since no single country or initiative could address all challenges, Chediek called for broader and enhanced international cooperation and solidarity.

"In response to global challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, which not only include a public health crisis, but also an economic recession and challenges to human development progress, an open and solid international development community, based on mutual beneficial cooperation, is of strategical importance," he said. Enditem