Across China: Yemeni student praises China's anti-epidemic efforts to Arab world-Xinhua

Across China: Yemeni student praises China's anti-epidemic efforts to Arab world

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2020-05-08 18:37:27

by Xinhua writers Yang Shuxin, Zhao Jiasong

GUANGZHOU, May 8 (Xinhua) -- Sana'a Ahmed Nagi has spent the past three years living in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou and never left the city during the outbreak of COVID-19, instead, she has built a bridge between China and the Arab world.

"The Chinese government has put in place strict quarantine rules to save people's lives, regardless of their nationalities," the Yemeni student told Al Jazeera in an interview.

In 2008, Sana'a studied medicine at Taiz University in Yemen. It was then she went to a local hospital for an internship and met a group of Chinese doctors.

During that period, Yemen was experiencing a lack of medical resources, and some departments could not open in many hospitals. It was the Chinese doctors who helped their Yemeni counterparts establish the departments of ophthalmology and orthopedics.

"Many patients preferred to see Chinese doctors as they all believed in their expertise and abilities," Sana'a explained. And that's where her idea of studying in China came from.

In 2016, Sana'a quit her well-paid job in a private hospital and went to Guangzhou for her master's degree after applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship.

"Most people would choose to study in European and American countries, but China was my first choice. And the physiology major in Jinan University is quite renowned," Sana'a said. "I feel really lucky to have made the choice to come here and China has opened a new door for my future."

In February, Sana'a volunteered to provide a translation service for foreign Arabic speakers, helping them to communicate better with locals during the epidemic.

"Many would call me for help and I would tell them how to get through this COVID-19 situation," she said. Besides foreigners, her Chinese neighbors also called her for help. "Since I'm a medical student, they all rely on me, and I'm willing to do my part for the community as well."

"I want to become a better doctor and help more people, so I should march on." Sana'a has decided to further her PhD studies in China. "The influence of China's scientific research is increasingly profound globally. Many of my Yemeni friends came to ask me about life in China and how they can apply to study here."

"We stay here and feel safe because we believe that China's epidemic control measures are the best," Sana'a said. "And finally China has won this anti-virus war." Enditem