Interview: U.S. accusations of China over COVID-19 aim to divert attention from own failure: expert-Xinhua

Interview: U.S. accusations of China over COVID-19 aim to divert attention from own failure: expert

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2020-04-01 13:32:51

BELGRADE, March 31 (Xinhua) -- While China appeals for international cooperation in the fight against the COVID-19, Washington is slandering Beijing with an aim to divert attention from its own problematic response to the pandemic, said a former Serbian diplomat.

The United States, instead of combating the disease at home where they have tens of thousands of cases, has stigmatized China and spread prejudices about the new virus, said Zivadin Jovanovic, who served as minister of foreign affairs of Yugoslavia, in a recent interview with Xinhua.

Those baseless and irresponsible accusations are aimed at damaging China's global standing, said Jovanovic, who currently presides over two think-tanks -- the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals and the Silk Road Connectivity Research Center.

It seems safe and comfortable for Washington to put the blame on China and divert public attention from its own responsibilities, he added.

At present, COVID-19 has spread in many countries around the world. China has provided assistance to other countries including offering medical supplies, sharing experience through video conferences and dispatching medical expert teams.

Jovanovic said that at this time of unparalleled global danger, China is demonstrating in practice a policy of solidarity, openness and shared future of humanity.

"After consolidating the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control at home, China is now helping more than 80 countries around the globe ... unselfishly providing experience, medical equipment, urgent medicines and materials," Jovanovic noted.

He reiterated that global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic demand a joint approach through a common platform or plan of measures under "the UN umbrella."

Jovanovic said the dialogue initiated within the Group of 20 is an important step to provide common, coordinated, inclusive planning and actions for both the control of the COVID-19 pandemic and the revival of global economic growth afterwards.

"Consensus should be reached on the efficient exchange of information, and coordination of actions. Artificial obstacles to the flow of medical supplies, such as sanctions, geopolitical calculations and alike, should be removed. In this fight, nobody can succeed acting alone, behaving egoistically. There are no isolated, no privileged ones," he said.