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Britain imposes export ban on 15th century manuscript

Source: Xinhua

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2020-03-14 06:45:48

LONDON, March 13 (Xinhua) -- British Minister of State for Digital and Culture Caroline Dinenage imposed an export ban Friday on a 15th century manuscript written by the personal physician to the English Tudor King Henry VII.

The famous work, by Welsh scientist Lewis of Caerleon, includes information that sheds new light on medieval understanding of science and mathematics.

Dinenage has placed the temporary export ban in a bid to save the work by offering a British buyer or institution an opportunity to purchase the work, valued at 300,000 pounds, for the national collection.

Lewis of Caerleon (c.1440 - c.1500) played a crucial role in the royal court of the period, brokering the alliance of the future King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, serving as a physician and astrologer to both the Houses of York and Lancaster, including Henry VII himself.

Lewis also spent time imprisoned in the Tower of London during the reign of Richard III for his close association with the rival Lancastrian dynasty.

Lewis of Caerleon carried out observations and recorded detailed calculations aimed at predicting eclipses. He commissioned the beautifully bound manuscript from a professional scribe to showcase his own scientific achievements.

"This manuscript is an important part of the story of how ancient beliefs led to our modern scientific understanding of the world we live in," said Dinenage.


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