Non-compliance with COVID-19 quarantine to be punishable in Sri Lanka-Xinhua

Non-compliance with COVID-19 quarantine to be punishable in Sri Lanka

Source: Xinhua

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2020-03-13 00:16:11

COLOMBO, March 12 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka will strictly penalize individuals who do not comply with quarantine measures set in place to counter the COVID-19 outbreak, local media, quoting Police Spokesperson S.P. Senaratne, reported here Thursday.

Speaking to local media, Police Spokesperson Senaratne said that measures to quarantine individuals returning from countries with COVID-19 outbreaks were legally enforceable according to Sri Lanka's Quarantine and Prevention of Diseases Ordinance.

"Non-compliance to the stipulated routine would lead to an imprisonment up to six months and fines from Rs.2000 (10.9 U.S. dollars) to Rs.10,000 if any one who is found guilty of refusing to be in the quarantine process," Senaratne said.

Individuals arriving in Sri Lanka from COVID-19 affected countries such as South Korea, Italy, and Iran will be mandatorily quarantined for 14 days in military-operated centers.

Acknowledging public concern over such quarantine measures, Senaratne said that it was necessary to protect the public, and requested broad compliance with government initiatives.

"We need the support of all segments of society to face the COVID-19," said Senaratne.


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