Across China: Italian century-old tire manufacturer thrives in China-Xinhua

Across China: Italian century-old tire manufacturer thrives in China

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2022-02-12 16:33:46

SHANGHAI, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) -- In the fifth year of his working in Shanghai, Giuliano Menassi decided to stay in China for the Spring Festival holiday.

As the senior vice-president for the Asia-Pacific region of the renowned Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli, the Italian also celebrated the company's 150th birthday in a festive mood.

Jan. 28 marked the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Milan-based Pirelli, and the company chose to hold a feast in Shanghai. With a big screen lit up in Lujiazui that read "Pirelli 150 years anniversary" and "Happy Birthday," the company expressed its faith in the Chinese market.

Pirelli has been operating in China since 2005 with a tire production facility first set up in east China's Shandong Province.

"China is such a dynamic market," said Menassi. "It is also one of our key growth markets, so we always take it very seriously."

Having worked for Pirelli for 35 years, Menassi had taken charges in different countries and regions, while the Chinese consumers left deep impressions on him.

"Their demand is leading the development of global consumer industries, especially the electric vehicle industry," the Italian said. Pirelli had also applied its electric vehicle tire-making technology in China's local industrial chain.

Ning Gaoning, chairman of Chinese chemical firm Sinochem Group, said Pirelli's businesses in China had achieved considerable development after being invested by Sinochem in 2015.

At present, the company owns three factories and one R&D center in China. Focusing on high-end tire manufacturing, it had localized production of cutting-edge technologies.

In the fourth China International Import Expo in 2021, Pirelli had also participated with its newly developed CYBER TYRE system which could give cars a sense of touch by allowing them to identify or predict potentially hazardous situations and allowing the vehicle to promptly intervene.

"The changes and speed of innovation of the Chinese market have prompted Pirelli to constantly introduce new technologies, products, and services," Menassi said.

The company had also benefited from the resilience of China's economy after the breakout of COVID-19. As China quickly recovered from the epidemic, factories in China provided support for the company's performance.

"China is not only the important engine to boost the global economy but also a promising land where enterprises can develop," said Menassi, adding that Pirelli will try hard to celebrate more birthdays in China.